Casting FTW & Open FTAW Grayspeed Kapuki (Gucci) 





There is no legal obligation to take an exam or have a recognised qualification to become a dog trainer, hence when you go to a trainer you should perhaps tread warily and ask the following questions before committing:


    What have you done and won with dogs and in particular what have you done with the breed that I wish to bring for training?

     How recently have you had awards with that breed and what were they?


Gundog training moves like most things in life – 'onwards' – and hence it is beneficial to be trained by someone still on top of their game and still achieving high standards, and that is currently my benchmark for training you and your dog.


Robin has been training gundogs for 20 years, and in that time he has achieved well over 200 awards including Open and Novice Field Trial wins and numerous Open and Novice Gundog Working Test wins. With Jambo his Golden Retriever he qualified to represent England in the BASC International Team event. In 2009 he took a Golden Retriever and a home bred Labrador to Crufts in the Field Trial classes and gained an award with both dogs. In 2012 Robin made his home bred Labrador Grayspeed Tutbury up to a Field Trial Champion and qualified him for the IGL Retriever Championship.   Other than field trialling, Robin picks up, rough shoots and peg shoots over his dogs, has fun with them and enjoys them as companions. Robin trains gundogs and handlers on a private basis,  and has had the experience of judging Field Trials and Gundog Working Tests (Retrievers) from puppy through to Open level on many occasions.


Robin and Digby (FTW Grayspeed Deneb)

relaxing after a hard training session!







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